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Selfish Isn't Sexy

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

This is a brilliant article about a shiny new "Coliving" community in London that promises all the bells and whistles, but is actually corporate living at its most trendy where the focus is on "living selfishly". As the author points out, "Community can’t be bought with a deposit and a monthly rental fee. It doesn’t rely on underpaid staff to organise clutter and clean living areas." The work of building a real community is worthwhile but it's not for sissies and chances are that companies with names like Fizzy Living and Lyvly are not in it for the long haul or to create anything organic.

But there are other options in England!

The Collective Old Oak London - Coliving

To see how some Brits have done this with heart and soul, check out OWCH, Older Women's CoHousing. Their home, New Ground, may not offer yoga on the roof deck, but as one son, laughingly says to his mom, "You don't need me to come round here anymore, I'm superfluous!" These women are having a grand time and creating a real neighborhood.

New Ground Cohousing, High Barnet - outside of London

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