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Housing Crisis Solutions Not Easy To Come By (and we aren't making it any easier)

Californians agree that we want more moderate housing options, we want to get our homeless off the streets and we want our kids to afford to live nearby when they are adults but we don't actually want that housing to be built anywhere near our own neighborhoods. We all complain about urban sprawl and the impossibility of commuting on our congested freeways, but show us a multi-family housing building and we get the willies.  

Californians love to talk the talk of being environmentally friendly, but when the opportunity arrives to create housing that would benefit many and use less resources, we just say "no".  We want our cars and our roads and as this article points out, we don't want the state to tell us how to build housing AND we keep our cities from making any progress either.  Wealthy suburbs and urban areas opposed to gentrification seem to be in agreement on this. So what will it be, California? You can't have it both ways.

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